Dreams for reasons, matters of the heart

Alexis Glenn
Alexis Glenn
Alexis Glenn

It was hard to see singer Alexis Glenn’s sparkly red mini dress and black boots from behind the wall as she sang at the ISOSCELES fashion show, but her signature blonde afro stood out, just as it does on the flyers and cards she passes out to promote her latest EP.

For four songs, Glenn held the attention of the audience during the fashion show’s intermission on April 19, singing about love and the hardships of life.

“Back up give me head space, honey. My heart broke, ain’t got no money,” she sang, while waving her hand back and forth during a performance of “Be Wary.”

Glenn said it took her two years to complete her first solo EP, titled “Irrational Illustrations At Heart.” The project features eight tracks, including the songs she performed at the show. She has been recording hooks and working with other local artists like FKI

and MoneyMakinNique for about five years, but the release of her EP earlier this year was her first time stepping out alone.

The title “Irrational Illustrations At Heart” has a dual meaning. First, Glenn said, it represents her habit of making emotional and, sometimes, illogical, decisions. She contributes this to being a Scorpio and hormonal. The second meaning is a bit more literal.

Prior to completing her album, Glenn was diagnosed with cardiac sarcoidosis.

Sarcoidosis is where t-cells attack an organ in the body. For Glenn, this meant her heart, which she had issues with in the past, was under attack. She explained that in addition to sarcoidosis, her top valve was not pumping to her bottom one, and there was a cell cluster block.

Glenn said she had to get implanted with a pacemaker defibrillator about a year ago.

But she channeled the fear of dying young, using it as motivation to get serious about school and her art.

“It’s not a disease, it’s a blessing. It just made life taste better for me and it just made me appreciate every day and it led me to just want to do what I love all the time,” she said.

Following the diagnosis, Glenn went on to complete and release her EP, and hopes to graduate from Georgia State with a degree in sociology this December.

Glenn is admittedly shy for a performer. She said she enjoys “hiding” and often hopes people don’t recognize her while she’s handing out her flyers, even referring to herself in third person in an attempt to distance herself from the caricature on the promotional handouts.

Glenn explained that though she felt nervous prior to the show, all those feeling fade away when she hits the stage.

“I’m really in my element performing. I’m afraid of everything, but that one thing is just like home.”

She says she wants to focus more on creating new material, not performing old music in the near future.

Glenn has been working with a live band to rerecord all of the songs from “Irrational Illustrations At Heart” for a live EP that she hopes to release around September.

Prior to the show, she was in the studio working on one of the songs with a band. She admits she’d like to have them at every performance, too, but at $100 a member, it can get expensive.

Glenn said her dreams span far beyond her talents as a singer and songwriter.

“I want to be a musician, but I feel like being a musician gives you a bigger net to cast and I just want to be an influence. People are asking for somebody to say something for them, and I feel like I can achieve both dreams by doing my music and using that platform to educate and help people get their voice heard.”

Though she said she’s still finding her voice and admits it will take time, Glenn does not mind much.

“I’m great with the journey. That’s the best part.”