Dr. Kenneth Heaghney discusses Georgia’s 2014 economic outlook

On Wednesday Jan. 15th in Atlanta’s Capitol Building, State Fiscal Economist and Research Professor of Economics at Georgia State, Dr. Heaghney, discussed Georgia’s economic outlook for the 2014 year during a Senate and House Appropriations Committee meeting.

During the meeting, Dr. Heaghney discussed topics such as Georgia’s employment and economy. He stated that there is growth in Georgia’s labor markets with 91,000 more present jobs in the state as well as diversity in the job market. Dr. Heaghney also said that employment growth was currently outpacing the U.S.

Consumer spending, housing market stats, updates on the external global economy and the GDP were also topics in Dr. Heaghney’s discussion.

“We are seeing housing come back stronger, both nationally and in Georgia. There was concern with the external global market and with Europe’s crisis, but it’s stronger than it was a year ago,” Dr. Heaghney said.

However, there were also concerns such as federal policy, year-to-date performance starting on Jan. 1st and adjusting to tax code charges.

According to Georgia State’s Department of Economics webpage, Dr. Heaghney has had over 20 years of experience working with various business leaders on economic issues.

The website states that as a state economist he is responsible for developing the annual tax revenue forecast for the state’s budget and advising the Governor’s office on economic and other policy issues.