Don’t dress drab, dress Panther fab this football season

Georgia State Students show off some homecoming spirit with Pounce in their Georgia State spirit wear. Photo by Unique Rodriguez | The Signal

At Georgia State, the fall season calls for tailgates with friends, football games at the new stadium and the opportunity to express your school spirit through game day fashion. Over the years, game day attire in the South has evolved into an outdoor fashion show every Saturday afternoon. While still incorporating individual college spirit into the apparel, students follow and tweak trends to look their best on game days.

The Cut-Choker T-Shirt

When a new fashion trend hits Twitter or Instagram, it does not take long for businesses and universities to recognize the hype and jump on the bandwagon. At Georgia State and surrounding schools in Georgia, the T-shirt trend where you cut a triangular keyhole look at the top to make a “choker” by leaving the collar is currently one of the most popular. Sold at favored clothing stores such as Victoria Secret, PINK and Forever 21, the cut T-shirt look has become an essential clothing piece for game day. If you want to add an extra edge to your shirt, a no-sew lace-up look is also achievable.  Cutting the T-shirt is simple when following the instructions provided from Revenge Bakery. You can pick up a large or extra-large men’s T-shirt in the bookstore for $12.95 to create this over-sized T-shirt choker for an inexpensive price.

The Cheerleader Skirt

Even though Georgia State hasn’t quite adopted the trend, the retro cheerleader skirt is growing in popularity at schools like the University of Georgia. This developing trend is a unique addition to an average game day outfit. This style can be tweaked by choosing colors specific to your school, using iron-on Georgia State patches you can order from Uptown Stitch Girl and adding matching knee-high socks for an old-school vibe. Although this clothing piece is still developing among Southern colleges, there is no doubt this look will be the go-to classic choice for football seasons to come.

Jerseys with a Feminine touch

Throwing on a football or basketball Panthers jersey from the bookstore is a timeless option for game day attendees. This look is effortless and can be tailored to fit your personal style by adding a skirt or high waisted shorts. If you prefer the edgy vibe, wearing distressed denim shorts is an ideal choice for this outfit. However, if you favor a girly look, try tucking the jersey into the skirt. If you pair it with a chic belt or a royal blue statement necklace it will create a picture-worthy outfit with a touch of Panther’s personalization.


Georgia State Students show off some homecoming spirit with Pounce in their Georgia State spirit wear.
Photo by Unique Rodriguez | The Signal

Just because it’s a football game doesn’t mean you can’t let your fashion-flag fly this homecoming season! Express your Panther spirit with your own touch of flare at the Homecoming game Oct. 21.