Diamant releases “Insecurity and the Orchestrated Confidence.”

Diamant, Georgia State alumni and Atlanta-based artist, produces “Insecurity and the Orchestrated Confidence” in Amsterdam. Photo submitted by Diamant

Diamant, a 22-year old artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia, creates music soaked with a dreamy,hook-filled core and catchy melodies with sadly beautiful lyrics that grasp listeners’ attention, keeping them yearning for more. 

In early 2021, Diamant released her debut album “Insecurity & the Orchestrated Confidence.” The album is riddled with interesting, ghostly beats and includes references to 18th-century gothic literature. The album creates a euphoric experience rooted in a mixture of indie and whimsical production from top to bottom. 

Diamant began singing around the age of four. However, she began producing her music in 2017 after moving to Atlanta. Diamant’s friends were vast influences on her musical career, teaching her how to use producing software and how to create her music. 

After realizing she could create music herself, Diamant jumped to the idea and began to play around with beats and verses until she found her sound.

As a Scorpio, Diamant draws herself into the spookier side of creativity. When writing her album, which came out in 2021, Diamant made sure to include the entirety of herself in what she was creating, making a record filled with 

“I am a Scorpio, and I am pretty spooky as a person. I find the scary parts of life intriguing and enticing, which is shown in my music a lot,” Diamant said.

The album was recorded in Amsterdam, where Diamant spent a significant amount of time with two other producers from The Netherlands named Bruno Verhaar and Ebbo Kraan. The trio created the eerie and enticing beats displayed in the album. Both producers began working with Diamant after stumbling across her Soundcloud. 

Starting out, Diamant was recording and sending things across the sea to Amsterdam to create the album. Later in the creative process, she began traveling over to Amsterdam to continue developing the album. In total, the album took about two years to record, produce and master. 

Diamant describes her music as expansive, emotional and dreamy, as she genuinely enjoys creating music for those who lust for incredible bodies of work. In the album’s first song, Diamant uses a sample from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” to set the album’s tone in all of its dark, twisted and sad coolness. 

Since the release of her first album, Diamant has continued to create music. She writes and records mainly on guitar and would like to start a band in the future. 

“The most interesting thing about creating music, for me, is my tumultuous relationship with creating music,” Diamant said. “It’s an emotional rollercoaster. I hope that musicians can find peace music, even when it is difficult.”