Dean of Students and Election Commission looking into alleged incident involving SGA candidates

On April 1, 2014 • By

The Dean of Students is currently looking into an alleged fight that took place at a fraternity probate after-party on March 28, according to Student Government Association (SGA) advisor Darryl Holloman.

Holloman said the students suspected in the altercation, including SGA Vice President of Student Life candidate Jovan Paige, will be allowed to make an appeal through the student judicial process if the Dean of Students finds substance to the allegations.

While Paige will not be taken off the ballot this week since no student Code of Conduct violations have currently been proven, Holloman said if he makes it into office and is charged with breaking the student Code of Conduct, there are SGA guidelines in place that will be followed.

“In order to serve on the Student Government at GSU, students must maintain a clear judicial record, cannot be on disciplinary probation, and of course suspension. If a student was placed on disciplinary probation or suspension they would be removed from office,” he said.

Holloman also said that there is nothing that the SGA or the Election Commision can do in regards to the incident at the moment, because they only have information that is alleged.

“There is nothing we can do until the matter is further investigated and we have further information,” Holloman said.

Election Chair Samantha Schikowski said the Election Commission for the 2014 SGA elections will be looking into the alleged altercation as well.

The incident was reported on April 1 by The Signal when multiple sources reported that a fight had occurred at the probate after-party the night of March 28 and Paige had initiated the fights.