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Daily news briefs: Sept. 29


Terroristic threats puts woman in jail

The FBI, U.S. Marshals Service and a joint terrorism task force arrested a woman for making vulgar statements in an online video, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC). However, Clayton County police are investigating the video by Latausha Nedd, the woman arrested, that publicly expressed hate for white people and advised violence among police officers. Consequently, Nedd was placed in Clayton County jail and charged for broadcasting terroristic threats through social media.

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Vermont limits kid’s exemptions for vaccination

Earlier this year, the option to skip immunizations that are required to enroll in school based on philosophical exemption have been removed from Vermont, according to ABC News. Therefore, the only way kids can remain unimmunized is by religious exemption. However, some school nurses think families may change their initial reasons and consider religious exemption, allowing their children to continue going to school without being fully immunized.


Volkswagen appoints new CEO

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Matthias Mueller, the head of Porsche, was named Volkswagen’s new CEO after the company’s emission scandal was brought to light, according to CNN. Along with appointing a new CEO, Volkswagen suspended some employees for investigation purposes. However, Mueller believes the company will prevail over the crisis through innovation. Therefore,Volkswagen is working heavily towards gaining their consumers’ trust back and are making sure perpetrators receive consequences of their illegal actions.

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