COVID Vaccine and Campus Life

When will campus get back to normal, with vaccine locations downtown. The majority of the population has gotten the vaccine but things are not back to normal Harry Wyman | The Signal

 A majority of Americans have finally taken the COVID-19 vaccine. Whether it is out of requirement at the workplace or to protect yourself from the virus, various people have different reasons on why they chose to take the vaccine.  If you chose to take the vaccine, has it changed  you?

As of right now nothing has changed when it comes to businesses. You must still wear a mask if you want to shop at this store or you need to wear a mask before you sit down for your meal at a restaurant. So what about the GSU campuses? As of right now things did not change  Students are still expected to wear their masks in a college building and to social distance when they are in the library or classrooms.

Nothing has changed when it comes to college campuses, students are still online learning or taking blended classes as of right now. But who is to say things will not change for the fall semester.

The sad fact is that things might never get back to where things used to be. We might continue wearing our masks in public areas and social distancing for two to three more years in. Because even though we have overcome a big step in taking the vaccine we still need to follow precautions. 

Due to all of the precautions we have taken for this year, some people could be paranoid when it comes to unmasking. Campus life won’t be the way it was before the virus due to the obvious paranoia we had to adapt due to the pandemic.

Even though we were finally allowed to get back to school, things have not changed since last fall semester. We have to wear a mask and practice social distancing if we want to be on campus. It can really make someone paranoid especially if you are not used to things with a mask or the lack of socializing can really affect someone. 

The lack of campus life cannot be helped due to our current circumstances,   but when we think about our college experience we did not think of it being like this. The vaccination should be the turning point of how things were for almost two years of our lives that we can never get back. 

But if we stick close to the regulations we can soon be back to a new normal. It probably will not be like it was but that does not have to be a bad thing. We could count it as one of the hard things we had to experience to really appreciate how our lives are. 

In life things never stay the same forever, and due to the things we have experienced this following year things in public are done differently before the pandemic happened. That is why campus life is never going to be the same way due to the experiences we have endured during this time of the pandemic.