Courtland bridge construction on track to be completed in October

The Courtland Street Bridge construction is set to be complete by October, with a 180 day schedule. Photo by Unique Rodriguez | The Signal

The new Courtland Street Bridge is now in its third month of construction, and is expected to be completed on schedule in October.

The project is being built using design-build accelerated bridge construction methods that will allow the new bridge to be completed in just 180 days.

“The contractor has completed all of the foundation, the substructure of the bridge and all the beams have been set in place. 7 of the 12 deck sections have been poured,” O’Hara said.

The work that remains includes the final deck sections, parapet walls, sidewalks, lighting and paving Collins Street under the bridge and general clean-up of the entire project.

“The aggressive schedule that limited the closure of the bridge to only 6 months was the biggest challenge considering the large amount of activity surrounding the project including the GSU campus, the Georgia State Government buildings, MARTA, CSX railroad and the general public,” O’Hara said.

To accomplish this tight timeline, O’Hara said they worked as a team with the common goal to finish the bridge on time and on budget and to reduce the impact of the project on all the stakeholders in the area.

“To meet the schedule, the contractor had to use detailed planning and phasing to complete the both design and construction of the bridge. The strategy they used has been successful in keeping the project on schedule,” he said.

The new bridge will have three ten-foot vehicle travel lanes, one 12-foot lane that will allow passengers to safely get on and off of busses that stop at Georgia State University and brighter LED lighting that will enhance the safety of both motorists and pedestrians.

As the project moves along, the Georgia State student body still has a couple more months to maneuver around the construction.

“The contractor has been working with Georgia State’s communications office to prepare a Special Edition Newsletter to go out sometime between August 15 and August 20. They have committed to sending this out to everyone with a email address,” O’Hara said.

The newsletter should also contain photos, links to the project website and updated maps showing how to access GSU Atlanta Campus during the remainder of the construction.

“The presence of a new, modern, well lit and safe bridge replacing a 110 year old structure that was showing its age, will itself have a positive effect on the City of Atlanta and the GSU campus long after the inconveniences of a large complex construction project are gone,” O’Hara said.

There will also be a description of what to expect when the bridge is finished, including renderings of the new bridge on Courtland and Collins Streets as well as social media posts with similar information.

O’Hara said, “The contractor and GDOT will be staffing a booth at Georgia State’s ‘Ask Me’ Event near the project site from Monday to Thursday the week of August 20. We will have Fact Sheets, Maps and other pertinent Project information.”

“Overall, I think everyone that crosses the new bridge will appreciate experiencing result of a project that gave the Courtland Street Bridge the modern update that was required while respecting the history of the City and the GSU campus,” O’Hara said.