Corey Allen’s successful senior season is no fluke

Corey Allen has had a successful and efficient season, and the numbers and events even led up to it. Photo Submitted by GSU Athletics

Corey Allen has come out on a mission through his senior campaign’s first 12 games. 

In his second year with the Panthers, he averages a team-high 15.3 points per game on 51% shooting from the field and 49% from three.

Allen is all over the Georgia State record books for his start to the season, from tops in three-point percentage to true shooting. Allen is currently number one in both three-point field goal and effective field goal percentages at 66%. 

But this comes as no surprise to anyone aware of Allen’s work ethic.

Basketball seemed destined for Allen, almost like a family business since just about every member of his immediate family played basketball. 

“About the age of six or so, my dad introduced me to the game,” Allen said. “He put the ball in my hand; I had older brothers who played basketball too. I even had girls who played basketball, so it was kind of like a family thing.”

Allen didn’t realize his ability to shoot the three-ball until his senior high school season. His efficient shooting is now a testament to Allen’s drive and self-confidence. 

“During my senior year, my coach started telling me I needed to be different, different from everybody else, so I just started working on shooting threes, and that led up to now,” Allen said.

Allen can score in various ways. He can beat a defender off the dribble for a quick pull-up jumper, use great off-ball movements to find his spot for the open shot or create space by sizing up his defender and taking what the defense gives him. Allen has scored in double figures in 10 of the 12 games the Panthers have played this season.

An undersized two-guard at 6-foot 2-inches, Allen uses a lightning-quick release mixed with a high-arching jumper to get his shot off over taller defenders. Allen watches and studies players like C.J. McCollum, who are undersized guards but found ways to flourish in the NBA.

“I watch a lot of [McCollum], I like how he plays,” said Allen. “He has a good [one-on-one] game, he can shoot the ball, and the fact that he came from a mid-major school, it gives me motivation because he’s doing his thing right now.”

McCollum, the tenth overall selection in the 2013 NBA Draft by the Portland Trail Blazers, graduated from Lehigh University and is widely regarded as one of the best shot-creators in the league.

Although Allen is known for his scoring ability, he will play above his height and crash the boards. His quickness and hustle earn him a team-high 4.2 boards a game, pacing him for a career-best.

Allen’s senior campaign continuously displays his growth as a player and a leader. He had to come in, sit out the 2018-19 season and adjust to a new program after playing two years at the University of Detroit. 

“Being patient, I redshirted my first year here, so I had to sit down and watch, work on my game and stuff,” Allen said. “I learned from those guys, the year I sat out, how to become more of a team player.”

Allen is making a name for himself and being recognized nationally with his profound shooting skills. His ability to contribute to lead the Panthers to a conference championship will continue through his competitive nature, confidence and the mindset of never being satisfied.