Column: The Signal sports staff details when they first fell in love with their favorite sports

Rashad- Ball really is life

Some of my earliest memories in life include watching library-rented ”Star Wars” VHS movies and constantly watching a movie that we did own- “Space Jam.” The Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan narrative came out when I was almost two years old and I immediately connected with it for some reason. I had “Space Jam” action figures of Charles Barkley and Jordan in my room and I still believe his halfcourt dunk will forever give him the edge over LeBron James in any All-Time argument. Thanks to this film, when I was old enough to begin to understand what exactly sports were, Jordan was on the Wizards and personally, the will for me to learn more about the history of basketball began around the age of seven.

At every book fair, I would always buy a basketball book, the first few video games I owned were all related to basketball and I would preview SI Kids’ magazine issues in the grocery stores to read more about you guessed it, basketball. My dad began to bring me with him to Hawks games, where I would adapt to love a team that always disappoints me. When I was older and I finally stopped watching “Space Jam” every morning before leaving for school, “Like Mike” came out with my favorite rapper Lil’ Bow Wow as the star. My favorite stars growing up would all be linked to basketball, the fashion in hip-hop of that era was throwback jersey’s, it seemed as if every interesting thing in the world to me at that point in life would always find its way back to basketball.

D’Mitri- The game of basketball is more than just a sport

As a youth growing up in Brooklyn, NY., playing basketball wasn’t just playing a sport. In fact, basketball could be considered my first love–and it was.


This is how it all started.


At the age of  eight or nine years old is when I realized that the game of basketball brought so much joy into my life. It helped me to develop friendships and even taught me how to be tough. The game of basketball also taught me how to be disciplined. Basketball was my teacher, and I was surely a student of the game. I remember like it was yesterday, the day I learned how to bounce a ball between my legs. It was, at the time, the best day of my life, simply because I worked so hard to become a better ball player. Not to mention, I was always the smallest guy on the court, so the game of basketball is the main reason why I have developed a win or go home mentality about myself. It’s safe to say that if it wasn’t for the intense battles I had on the basketball court as a youth growing up in Brooklyn, and even up until this day, I wouldn’t have the same amount of heart as I possess now.

My love for basketball also goes beyond the court. As I continued to grow, I realized that there were many basketball players that were excellent role models. Not just Michael Jordan, even though he played a huge part in why I have a great amount of` love and passion for the game, but basketball players in general. See, many basketball players came from the same struggle that I came from as a child, which was living in a single parent home and not being as fortunate as many other kids. But seeing them make it out of the struggle and give back to communities around the world  is what makes me appreciate the game even more. Basketball is much more than a game to me; It’s a lifestyle. Although I didn’t live out my dreams of one day becoming an NBA player, I can say I learned a lot in life by what the sport itself has taught me.

Christian- Sports are my life

I fell in love with sports, primarily because both of my brothers played basketball so I would always be at their games. I also shared a room with my oldest brother, so ESPN would always be on in the house. The first sport that I played was tee-ball, and I was an absolute monster, I thought that I was destined to be a pro. I didn’t become a pro obviously, but that started my love for baseball, which I continue to play until I got to high school. I wasn’t a one trick pony however, I played basketball and football too, but football was a part-time deal. I was always a big man while I was playing basketball until I was a sophomore and then I realized that I was a certified bucket getter, so that enhanced my love for the game even more.

While I was growing up, Detroit was somewhat the city of champions, the Pistons and Red Wings were good, but the Tigers and Red Wings sucked. The Pistons won one championship and made it to six straight conference final games. Eventually, the Tigers got their act together in 2006, so they were always fun to watch. The Lions would be the worst franchise in sports if it wasn’t for the Browns, but I for some reason I still love them and watch just about every game. I really don’t know why I love them so much because they haven’t given me a reason to love them. And despite the fact that we won’t win a championship in the near future I will always love sports, especially Detroit sports.