CiCi Kelly from Gotta Dance Atlanta to host free master class

Georgia State University’s Dance Ensemble will be hosting a free master class in the University Sports Arena, room 260 from 3p.m. to 4p.m.

The Dance Ensemble’s last event was conducted with a mixture of personality, style, and flare introduced by professional dancer Rikki McKinney from Gotta Dance Atlanta. This time, it is the women’s turn to show their attitude and sass in dance with professional dancer, special guest CiCi Kelley from Gotta Dance Atlanta.

Kelley, a choreographer, creative director and producer, has set the stage for herself with appearances and choreography displayed on Showtime at the Apollo, MTV’s Made, Warner Brother’s Pepsi Smash and BET 106&Park. Performing with Ying Yang Twins, Lil’Jon, LL Cool J, Beyonce and other various artists, Kelley has taken her dance career to higher levels, expanding her knowledge and assisting with other dance projects.

This is an open event welcoming the public and especially Georgia State students willing to take the opportunity to expand their dance technique, polish their skills or gain a newfound love for dance.