Choosing to stay a virgin is valid, and no one should tell you otherwise

Illustration by Myah Anglin | The Signal

There is always a stigma about virginity today. It is seen as uncool, and it could be a subject to be made fun of among your friend group. 

In western culture, society rushes you to lose your virginity. If you get the courage to tell your friends, it can still feel lonely being the only virgin. It is lonely because most people just do not get it. They do not get why you choose not to have sex like everyone else. You risk being the subject of discussion because you don’t follow the social norms of our culture. 

If you are a virgin, you do not have to be overly conscious of how you look in front of your significant other. You are almost hyper aware of how you look in front of your significant other, especially if you are sexually active.

Not only do you have to be conscious of how you dress, but you have to be mindful of shaving. There is this norm where women are the ones who have to shave. If a woman chooses not to shave, it can be looked down upon. 

In certain religions like Christianity and Islam, virginity is a standard, and it is viewed differently based on your culture. In western culture, we say women can have sex with whomever they want. In some eastern cultures, on the other hand, people wait to lose their virginity. They view virginity not only as sexual control but also a business contract where a woman’s virginity is a bargaining chip to move up in society. 

From a religious perspective, many women are shamed when they lose their virginity. But if you put it in a regional setting, it comes off across as either carefree or as a bargaining chip in society. This does not mean people should be ashamed if they still have their virginity. According to western culture, it is a norm to lose it. But that should not always be the case.

And it seems that virginity is gaining popularity among college students. If you look up virginity on Instagram you’ll see university virginity clubs, including Georgia Tech and Georgia State. In a recent post, the Georgia State Virginity Club even addressed some of the struggles of being a virgin including societal standards and relationship pressures.

You are guaranteed not to get an STD or pregnant if you’re a virgin. You can avoid having sex with the wrong person and can avoid the pressure to do so. If you are a virgin you get to avoid the consequences of having unprotected sex.

Being a virgin is a choice, like having sex with someone is a choice, and it is perfectly valid to choose not to have sex or to wait until you find the right person.