F—: You’re on the same wavelength as Virgo. You have the same ideals, values and opinions. The risk is that you’re both savage and judgmental AF. Please be nice to each other. No one wants to see you go back and forth on Twitter.


M: Taureans are the good company you’ve been searching for. Their temperament is kind enough to put up with just how demanding and elitist you can be.


K: Gemini lacks the commitment you require, and they’re far too busy checking out themselves to even glance your way.


They like the “best,” the top drawer and overall being snobby, not that it’s a bad thing. It speaks to their internal ambition and drive. They want to be successful more than anything. A Happy Meal at McDonald’s will not suffice, not for a special occasion.


Your goal here is to make them smile, so set up reservations for somewhere new, access to their favorite musician, or maybe even a scavenger hunt. Just give them a thrill!