Campus ID website becomes mobile friendly

New additions for the Campus ID website include a recovery system that works by sending students a pin code to their cell phones. Students can enter the code into the CampusID system. They then have the opportunity to review the security questions.

The next time a student needs to change their CampusID password, this change in requirements will be in effect.

Another change is the length of the passwords. The password now requires 10 characters instead of 8. There is no immediate change for current passwords.

Despite the changes, some students are doubtful they have a need for the new update.

“I don’t think I’ll ever use that. I generally don’t forget my password and it is easy for me to remember my mom’s maiden name,” Logan Souther, sophomore, said.

“I haven’t had any security issues with my CampusID in the past and I’m not sure how this will make a significant difference,” Cindy Rowe, Art Education major, said.

The recovery system is now available and any student or faculty member can register a mobile device.