Campus Bubble hosting a gathering of Atlanta student leaders

Campus Bubble will host a gathering of student leaders from colleges in the Atlanta area on Sept. 10 near the Georgia State campus, according to Spencer Barkoff, CEO of the company.

“The goal of the leadership gathering is to facilitate dialogue between student leaders across the Atlanta area,” Barkoff said. “While many Atlanta colleges are in close proximity of each other, there is a lack of conversation and community.”

The company developed an app allowing students and staff of college know what is happening around campus, such as events and parties, according to their advertising video.

“Campus Bubble was built to keep students informed about all the great things happening around campus and increase engagement throughout the university community,” Barkoff said.

The company presented the app to Georgia State’s Student Government Association (SGA) last spring. However, they decided to keep the current system, OrgSync, in place, according to SGA’s president Lanier Henson.

However, Georgia State is currently not using the OrgSync to its fullest potential, according to Henson.

“…This year’s executive board has plans to fully integrate the current system we have at Georgia State rather than trying to replace it,” Henson said.

Henson also said he does not plan to attend the conference as of now.