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WRAS GM gives funky style secrets

March 28, 2013 Samantha Reardon 0

Anastasia Zimitravich is a Marketing major at Georgia State, the general manager of WRAS – Album 88, and the newly-crowned queen of second-hand. So she doesn’t know about that last bit, but it’s so true. […]

Arts & Living

Crafting functional art

March 5, 2013 Samantha Reardon 1

Mark Errol stood behind of a table thick with ceramics: bowls, jewelry and other decorative pieces that were hand-crafted by students in the ceramics program at Georgia State. Errol counts himself among them. “I can […]

Arts & Living

The Ministers of Sound

February 19, 2013 Samantha Reardon 0

Take an afternoon drive. The music booms and you’re singing along to the immortal words: “keep on keeping on.” It was a drive like this that led Kemi Bennings to her “light switch” moment: a series of ideas […]

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