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Panther at large: impeccable cuisine

February 12, 2013 Laura Apperson 0

One of my favorite things about Paris is the food. Boulangeries, pâtisseries, fromageries and confiseries line the streets, intertwined  ith   rious cafés with attractive, colorful awnings. There’s always something down the street that can satisfy a chocolate craving or a […]

Arts & Living

Panther at Large: Culture shock

January 16, 2013 Laura Apperson 0

Urban Dictionary defines “culture shock” as “the shock of moving from one culture to another often associated with laws, traditions, food, music and general lifestyle choices.” I think they left the most important factor out […]

Campus News

Stopping sexual exploitation

November 3, 2012 Laura Apperson 0

According to the FBI, Atlanta is one of the 14 cities in the United States where girls are sexually exploited throughout the state. This astounding fact has reached the ears of Georgia State faculty and […]

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