Whitehats hack City Hall

March 8, 2013 David Schick 0

Computer nerds hacked city hall last weekend… but in a good way. The City of Atlanta hosted its first ever “Govathon” (also known as a “hackathon”), where it pitched various problems to a room full […]


On Student Unemployment

February 26, 2013 David Schick 0

“Being told wait is worse than being told no.”   I overheard this from a coffee shop conversation about being on the hunt for employment. The frustrated man, a recent graduate from Georgia Tech with […]


You Have One Shot

January 17, 2013 David Schick 0

You have one shot. Okay, so technically you have as many shots as the magazine clip will hold, but none without a gun at all. Should firearms be allowed on campus? Given the recent tragedy […]