‘Bro-mantic’ films for men

We’ve had our shares of chick-flicks over the years, from “Titanic” to “The Notebook.” Contrary to belief, the man-flick embodies both philosophy and a range of emotions, all wrapped in a penetrable shell if the viewer is willing enough to do so. Let’s take a look at ten of the best man-flicks of all time!

“The Godfather”

starring Marlon Brando & Al Pacino (1972)

Surface: Mobs. Meatballs. Money.

Just below: Explores the often shunned but vital relationship between and amongst men.



starring Al Pacino (1983)

Surface: A drug cartel kingpin’s careless and violent quest for money and women.

Just below: The exposure of a flawed American Dream and the intricate system of loyalty within a country and family.


“The Terminator”

starring Arnold Schwarzenegger (1984)

Surface: Machine-man goes back in time to kill people.

Just below: Deemed culturally, historically, and aesthetically significant by the Library of Congress for its originality and capture of the 1980s.

“Top Gun”

starring Tom cruise (1986)

Surface: A young naval aviator who will stop at nothing to perfect his craft and become the best aviator on base.

Just below: The difficulties of coping with the death of both loved ones and strangers.


“Boys in the Hood”

starring Ice Cube (1991)

Surface: Gangbanging urban gangsters of South Central LA.

Just below: The value of brotherhood and the examination of a corrupt criminal system and flawed judicial system.

American Psycho”

starring Christian Bale (2000)

Surface: A wealthy serial killer who has too much time on his hands and has one of the most engaging sex scenes of this century.

Just below: One of the first films to look into the psyche of the viewer, who thinks he/she is looking into the psyche of the character, while exploring the shallow narcissism of American culture.


the series (2004)

Surface: Blood and bone marrow. 101 creative ways to Die. More Blood.

Just below: Exposes the lack of an altruistic gene in humans.

“The Fast & Furious”

the series, starring Vin Diesel (2001-present)

Surface: Super-charged cars. Speed. Sex. Muscles. Foreign countries and forced accents.

Just below: Explores the psychological and physiological relationship between man and machine.


The Dark Knight”

starring Christian Bale (2008)

Surface: Comic book/ Action figure comes to life and kicks major ass.

Just below: Examines the physiology of the brain and its capability of controlling sensations such as guilt, death, fear and pleasure.


“Step Brothers”

starring Will Ferrell (2008)

Surface: 98 minutes of meaningless but hilarious and uncensored humor.

Just below: The realities of adult-hood, gender and the “concept of commitment”.