Bringing on the new year with new energy

Despite the hardships from last year, 2021 promises more positive energy into students’ lives as many have self-improvement goals. Photo by Matt Siciliano-Salazar | The Signal

With 2021 making its grand entrance, many hope this year will be better than the last one. As students embark on a new semester and year, they are bringing a new attitude with them.

For some students, 2020 was a year of growth, while others viewed the year as a lesson to do better as a people.

After witnessing the consequences of the global pandemic, sophomore Jaylah Dorsey hopes that in 2021 humanity will have a change of heart.

“It needs to be known that everybody is struggling whether it be mentally, physically [or]  emotionally,” she said. “I expect us to come together and abide by the given rules so that we can find a way to beat this virus.”

Dorsey hopes to see some compassion from the education system. After feeling defeated about her academic performance last semester, Dorsey plans to make considerable strides to understand the new material she’s learning this semester.

“Despite receiving some of the highest grades in the fall semester of 2020, I feel most frustrated because I never got to comprehend and digest the material I was given,” she said. “During the spring semester of this year, I will make a conscious effort to improve my GPA and further my education.”

While some see this past year as a way to bounce back from a rough semester, others see it as an opportunity to grow physically and spiritually. 

Junior Jermaine Noble is making this year all about spreading love and peace while building a better life for himself. With a new diet and workout plan, Noble expects his 2021 to be a learning experience.

“I want to spread more love and peace throughout my community and to be at peace with myself,” he said. “Another goal of mine is to do boxing so that I can train my body and mind while also enhancing my reflexes and skills in the process.”

While Noble’s main objective is love within his community, he also hopes to find love in the process.

“I want to be able to focus on one person and show them the love and care that they deserve, and I want to learn to love myself in the process as well,” he said. “This year, I am definitely getting comfortable with getting uncomfortable.”

On the other hand, not everyone expects the same outcome from this year. 

Junior Sarah Harden doesn’t expect this new year to be very different from last year, but she’s hoping to learn how to roll with the punches.

“For 2021, I hope to continue learning how to make the most out of any situation I am placed in, whether it’s with online classes or things in my everyday life,” she said. “Overall, I’m not necessarily expecting change, but better living for the people around me and for this country we call home.”

While some focus on physical, financial, mental or spiritual change, it is essential to remember that everyone is on their journey. New challenges and experiences come with every new year, but learning how to adapt and make the best out of every situation can create a better outcome.