DeKalb County residents receive high water bills

Many individuals residing in DeKalb County received abnormally high water bills, according to WSB-TV. Joe York, resident of DeKalb, said he received a bill for $2,590 for two months of water usage. A county spokesperson said the water billing department is auditing 5,600 accounts. However, in an effort to improve customer relations, the county added 60 new payment locations and recently hired 35 additional staffers.


Female rape accomplice denied parole

Kathryn McDonough, a 21-year-old who lured 19-year-old student Elizabeth Marriott from University of New Hampshire to her apartment as a sex offering for her boyfriend, was denied parole on Nov. 6, according to NBC News. McDonough is currently serving a year and a half to three years in prison for lying about Seth Mazzaglia, her 32-year-old partner, raping and killing Marriott. McDonough told jurors she saw her partner attack Marriott after she rejected his sexual advances and that Marriott died during consensual rough sex between the women involving restraints. Mazzaglia will serve life in prison without a chance of parole.


Arrests made for the slaying of Pakistani couple

There were 50 people arrested for their connection to the killing of a Christian couple in eastern Pakistan, according to CNN. The couple, who were beaten and pushed into a burning kiln after being accused of desecrating the Qu’ran, were identified as Shyman Bibi Urf Shamar and her husband Sajjad Nasir Zurjah Nazir Nasir. The province’s government states they will pay the couple’s family 5 million Pakistani rupees ($49,000) as compensation for their deaths.