Boil water advisory is still in effect   

Water a Georgia State has not been cleared to drink. Photo By: Kofi Stiles | The Signal

The boil water advisory sent out on Thursday July 7, by the Department of Watershed Management has carried over into Friday.

The notice was issued after the Hemphill Water Treatment Plant experienced a power outage that caused parts of the drinking water system to lose pressure. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, the main concern is that water siphoned back into the drinking water system.

The advisory mandates that water used for cooking, drinking, or brushing teeth should be boiled for one minute passed a rolling boil and that the elderly, infants and those with immune deficiencies be especially careful with how they handle their water.

The neighborhoods affected by this Advisory include: Cabbagetown, Edgewood, Old Fourth Ward, West End, Peoplestown, Reynoldstown, Mechanicsville, Summerhill, Edgewood, Avon Avenue and South Fulton County.

Georgia State’s Atlanta campus was also affected. According to one of the managers at the Panther’s Club at Student Center West, their workers had to put up signs in the cafeteria to give students and faculty a heads-up and have been following protocol.

“The water that we use, we boil it in the back and sanitize everything before we use it. We don’t have any ice, we do have bottled sodas, bottled water, to accommodate people that do want water,” the manager said.

A spokesperson for the Department of Watershed Management said The Georgia Environmental Protection Division has yet to lift the advisory and that the division is still working to determine if the water is safe to drink.

“They have not made any updates,” the spokesperson said.