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Behind the Scenes of GSTV

Hot white lights illuminate the features of a novice reporter. He looks to his right, receiving direction from a producer watching in the audio room. Several cameras point toward him, zooming in on his face.

“Action!” shouts a voice from the shadows, clapping their hands in unison.

The cameras roll and the show begins. Welcome to a typical day at GSTV studios.

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The man in charge

Warren Turner, senior film major and current managing director at GSTV, has worked with the station for four years, working his way up the ranks of the network.

“This is my fourth year as an officer of the network,” Turner said. “I started volunteering as soon as I enrolled at Georgia State, but at that point it was just little things; I would help set up cameras and equipment, edit the shows on our network and even do some camera work for Panther Report.”

As Managing Director, Turner acts as the liaison between the producers on the staff and the crew that makes it all run. Acting as the overseer of all things GSTV, Turner says he sees firsthand just how beneficial working for GSTV can be.

“We’re the only organization at Georgia State that allows anyone to come and work on anything they want,” Turner said. “We help facilitate shows and guide our volunteers in comparison to other resources on campus that merely give you the supplies. Working with us, students can learn how to write, produce, shoot, edit and get a better feel for what exactly it takes to create a show.”

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Fast facts about Warren:

· Favorite shows: True Detective, Boardwalk Empire, Orange is the New Black, American Horror Story

· Favorite Binge Watching Foods: Popcorn

· Favorite Binge Watching Networks: Netflix, HBO Go

· Favorite Binge Watching Attire: Anything

· Favorite Binge Watching Location: Living Room

· Career Goals: Manager of multiple movie theaters, write and produce his own films

GSTV takes to the stage

Aside from television shows, GSTV is also currently producing one of its first plays titled “Santa vs. Elves.” Coordinating Producer Casey Williams will be spearheading the production behind the play, according to Turner.

“The play is in its beginning stages at the moment but it will have a Christmas theme and take place during the last week of the semester,” Turner said. “I can’t give away too much of the plot, but the title should give an idea of what it’s about.

The team is currently seeking the following volunteers:

· Camera Crew

· Actors

· Light managers

· Stage Managers

· Music and Audio technicians

Contact: Casey Williams – cwilliams8487@hotmail.com

What does the staff do?

Role of Managing Director for GSTV:

· Facilitating communication between all officers on staff

· Creating marketing campaigns for Operations Director

· Managing production and post-production of television shows

Role of Producers for GSTV:

· Managing the day to day production of shows

· Budgeting the finances for equipment and shoots

· Setting up meetings and rehearsals

Current GSTV shows in production:

· Side Effects

Premise: College students balance their education with lucrative careers as drug dealers

Producer: Elliot Schagger

· Panther Report:

Premise: Flagship news program of Georgia State, covering breaking news around campus

Producer: Carlin Pounders

· Under the Radar:

Premise: A comedian regularly gathers with his friends to reminisce on the past, while performing stand-up routines in his mind

Producer: Deranta Avaloy

2nd Annual Trick or Treat Film Festival

For the second year in a row, GSTV will host the Trick or Treat Film Festival, where staffers judge student submissions of horror, suspense and thriller movies for various prizes. The deadline for submissions is Oct. 24 and winners will be screened Oct. 27-29.

How to produce a show step by step:

1. Producer will create and schedule shoot times for production, make casting calls and get crew finalized

2. Equipment for production is organized, checked out and prepared for work

3. Crew arrives to set, sets up all equipment and checks on lighting, sound, cameras and technical details

4. Videographer shoots all scenes set for specific location

5. Crew breaks down equipment, packs up and returns to campus

6. Editors begin to review and cut film, editing the shots along the way

7. Editors submit final cuts before deadlines and finished product is reviewed and aired

A Q&A; with Hannah Sauber, Production Manager, GSTV

Major: Film
Year: Sophomore

Q: Job responsibilities?
A: As a Production Manager I am in charge of rental equipment and scheduling. I put people in contact with the resources that they need.

Q: Favorite T.V. shows?
A: Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Modern Family

Q: Career goals?
A: I like production, behind the scenes jobs. I’d like to be a director or producer.

Q: Past Works?
A: I’ve directed a short film called Hey Gorgeous and was a part of the 48 Hour Project where I created a short film called To All Things Hidden.

A Q&A; with Carlyn Pounders, News Director, GSTV

Major: Journalism, broadcast concentration

Year: Junior

Q: Job responsibilities?
A: As News Director it is my responsibility to put out our Panther Report, which is the news program that we have for the students and faculty. I have to get volunteers, anchor, and essentially produce the program by filming and editing. I also help pick the stories and am in charge of the social media pages.

Panther Report Social Media:
Instagram: Panther_Report
Facebook: Panther Report
YouTube: GSTV Panther Report

Q: Favorite T.V. shows?

A: News outlets like CNN and ABC and also American Horror Story.

Q: Career goals?

A: I would like to be a new anchor for CNN. I’m sure if I want to do local or international news.

Q: Other involvement?

A: I’m a part of The Intermediate, the University Speakers Association and the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists.

Three aspects of show production

1) Pre-Production

· Writing: Writing the script and gathering information about what topics you want to address/how you want to address them.

· Casting: After sending a mass email to the Volunteer List, producers arrange for actors to come in and audition for roles.

· Scheduling: Making sure your team is ready and available to start production and picking times to shoot at individual locations

2) Production

· Actors on location: Have your actors and crew assemble together in order to start filming.

· Ready equipment: Gathering equipment and setting up for the shots ahead; checking camera exposure, stabilizing audio levels, setting lights

· Filming: Ready, Set, Action. Filming the scenes

3) Post-Production

· Editing: Deciding what shots to use and managing the details that will be emphasized in the final cut.

· Color correction: Changing and improving the color and lighting of your shots for special effects.

· Sound mixing: Working with different sound elements like vocals, sound effects and music to enhance the overall production.

How do I watch GSTV?

Watch GSTV anytime online at gstvonline.org; if you’re in University Housing, flip to channel 91.

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