The Bakery arrives to keep the DIY Atlanta music scene alive

The Mammal Gallery

To keep up with Atlanta’s bustling and ever-changing DIY music scenes, spaces to water the flower of creativity are essential. It’s important that the venues properly nurture the youthful outlets that locals have so other scenes outside the state can look at Atlanta and continue to be in awe of its ability to be on a wave all their own.

If there ever was a candidate to mother this creativity, The Bakery would be a top pick. Located right outside of the city, hanging off of Exit 244, The Bakery sits among the likes of scrap yards and car tow lots. But unlike the tow lots, The Bakery is a place of happiness.

More in the category of a warehouse, The Bakery is covered in brightly painted furniture, murals on the side of its metal walls, held inside by gates calling in any artistic types looking for creative refuge. It holds multiple rooms to accommodate many different mediums. They have differently equipped rooms to book bands to play, from a small local show to the room with a big stage, The Bakery is more than capable of holding a larger act.

In addition to holding music shows there, The Bakery has rooms that can be used as studios, a gallery room, meeting rooms and many other accommodations for small businesses and independent artists.

The appearance and popularity of The Bakery could not have come at a better time for the Atlanta scene, due to the fire Downtown that resulted in the temporarily closing of the Mammal Gallery, Eyedrum, and Murmur until they are deemed up to code.

The thing the former Downtown venues and The Bakery have in common is their high standard of inclusion, offering a space free of prejudice of any kind. Through efforts like a zero tolerance for any sort of discrimination and having genderless bathrooms, The Bakery believes art can be evenly and fairly seen and shown with no bigoted restraints and continues the legacy of inclusion perpetuated by previous venues.

The Bakery has held events almost every weekend since it has opened, and has its schedule filled up for weeks to come (which you can find on their website). It provides an experience that allows its patrons to only worry about the art they are experiencing because that’s what a venue should do. It is a perfect placeholder for the absence of Atlanta’s Downtown venues and continues to push their ethical standards. This loss of venues has temporarily crippled the Atlanta art scene, but The Bakery comes with bandage and splint.

People going to shows and performances at the Bakery can always count on their individuality to be welcomed and accounted for and for their local music to be represented.