Back in Atlanta and ready to shine, Kel is a name to remember in the NBA 2K League

Photo courtesy of Kyle Hess Photography

Behind a rise in scoring and a chip on his shoulder, Mykel Wilson, better known as Kel, has been a treat for those who love an underdog story. Back in Atlanta and sharing backcourt duties with BP, who he believes is “the best point guard in the game,” Kel has been putting on a show, most recently against his former team, Grizz Gaming.

When Hawks Talon GC selected Kel in the draft back in February, it marked his third team in two seasons. Magic Gaming traded him to Grizz Gaming at the deadline last season, his rookie year. 

The shooting guard is learning how to be a professional. But those who watched him torch Grizz Gaming on Wednesday know just how bright his future is. Coming into the game, Kel only had one thought on his mind.

“I want to dog them,” he told the media in Tuesday’s pregame press conference. “Everybody knows me just being a trash-talker, but, like, I want to dog them, I want to be able to have something over they head to where, like, they can’t say nothing to me. The goal is to just get the win, but of course, I want to be able to beat them.”

He single-handedly dogged them. In the three games, he posted a team-high 27 points in game one, nine in a restarted game two (due to technical difficulties) and 24 in game three. Even with BP as the reigning MVP runner-up on his team, Kel took matters into his own hands. It made it even more special that his team gave him the green light to close out game two.

“Before the game closed out in game two, when we had the six-point spread, the game plan was to put the ball in my hands in the fourth quarter and try to take us home,” he said.

In the three games, BP had a field day. He scored 34 points in the first two games combined, following it up by dropping that many in the crucial third game. Hawks Talon boasts a supremely talented backcourt, filled with scoring, great passing and all-around excitement.

“BP knows how to really involve his teammates, especially me,” Kel said. “I think we’re going to be one of the deadliest backcourt duos this year.”

Hawks Talon GC beat Grizz Gaming 2-1 in the series, winning game one 74-63 and game three 75-57. But as Kel said Thursday morning in the postgame press conference, the second game ending early saved the Grizz for a bit. For him and all of Hawks Talon GC, the win tremendously boosts morale and confidence

“I’m very confident … in my team as well,” he said. “I knew they were going to get the dub for me; they were saying it the whole week.”

Teams still cannot be together and have to practice social distancing during games. Communication can often be tough, especially when it is remote with a brand-new team coach. But when asked on how he has dealt with remote communication with Coach Acuff, Kel sounded optimistic.

“I feel like it’s gotten even stronger cause we practice eight hours a day, probably more than that,” Kel said. “We hang out a lot off the court, so, you know, we have a lot of chemistry in those terms.”

Above all else, Hawks Talon GC truly hit a half-court shot on this pick in the draft. Kel is a talented player who will be on many team’s scouting reports coming up, but what sets him apart from everyone else is his charisma. Coach Acuff could not be more thrilled to have someone like Kel on his team to motivate his players everyday.

“His energy is what is most valuable to us,” Acuff said. “Obviously, the stick skill and the gameplay matters most, but his energy is irreplaceable, and that’s something that he brings night in and night out, and it drives us.”