Augustine’s is off the beaten path

Grant Park, which is a formidable contender for authentic Atlanta nightlife spots, is conveniently just around the corner from campus. Young Augustine’s, just a touch off the beaten path, is a place to grab food and great selection of beers without the mess of an overcrowded bar scene.

Make no mistake, the bar at Augustine’s will still fill up. The space is not very large so it manages to keep an exciting atmosphere without an unmanageable crowd. The bar is cozy and there is a big table in the middle for fun communal seating. They snuck a couple of TVs in there too so you can watch the game in a non-sports bar.

Another thing of note for when the weather warms up is Augustine’s nice little patio, (although you will be looking at Memorial Drive and not the Oakland Cemetery side). There is also an outdoor botchy ball court on the side of the space for fun with friends.

The beer list is outstanding. They are constantly changing their taps so there is something new to try in a variety of styles of beers and prices. A sour beer from Oregon they had just tapped will make your jaw tingle and your tongue sing.

The cocktails don’t suck either. There are some standard-issues that are pleasing to find on a drink list, like the old school sazerac and French 75 (which were pretty tasty). Another highlight was the Desert Flower with St. Germain elderflower, tequila and grapefruit.

Food wise, the appetizers were spot on with the drinks. The rosemary-roasted cashews were probably one of the most surprisingly tasty things I have had in a while. Their pimento cheese plate was also great. The pimento cheese was fresh and tangy. It was also served with yummy pickled green tomatoes and totally against the Southern theme—a generous portion of stinky kimchee. Come to find out, Augustine’s had it right–green tomatoes, pimento cheese and kimchee are fantastic together. The appetizers had a lot to offer as far as typical bar fair that was slightly elevated without getting too fancy.

The entrees were a little more pedestrian. Most of the menu’s make up is burgers and sandwiches. They are reasonably priced but didn’t really knock anyone’s socks off. Maybe Augustine’s is trying to do too much here. The menu also included hotdogs, tacos, fried rice along with gyros and baby back rib. The variety was almost laughable.

The mushroom panino was all right but very rich with muenster, truffle paste and pesto. The roasted cauliflower and brussels were nice. Standards, like the fish and chips and the po’ boy, were not bad, but lacked a since of ingenuity or creativity that are found other places on the menu.

I will tip my hat to anyone serving Mexican street corn, or “elote,” covered with cheese and mayo.

Overall, the service was great, the atmosphere is great and the food has its moments. Augustine’s is highly recommended for a fun night out with friends and maybe a few snacks.