Attend house shows and save your scene!

The most crucial thing needed for a thriving scene of any kind is content and a community. The content does not have to be good for it to pulse, but it always helps when it is. What drives these communities is support amongst its members and new prospective members. One might hear about this world from a friend being involved, some may hear from a post online, but one of the most effective ways to immerse oneself into a scene is by attending house shows.

A house show is a completely communal effort. It avoids the “professional” aspects of booking a show, like a booking agent or door deals for paying bands, etc. They are likely to be in a basement or a cleared out living room with couches pushed to the side and pictures taken off the walls. Door price for attending is anywhere from free to 5 bucks. A house show being 10 dollars or over is a rare occurrence, and if it is, it is probably to accommodate a touring band.

A house show is by and for the people, and through that effort, it is powerful in its scene building abilities. It can be a quaint experience or a lavish one based on who is throwing it. Some provide snacks and drink options, and some don’t even clean up before the show, so it definitely varies. After all, they are giving their house up to the mercy of people into local music, and that can be dangerous. You could be that person who lends their house to the festivities, or you could be the snack person! House shows have many different facets that create opportunities to make friends and to see some local talent. This way, you can be the one who tells another person about what a active and interesting scene you have.

House shows don’t always have to be a spectator sport. You can get involved directly by booking your own house show if you have the tools.

This was covered earlier this year in The Signal, but as a refresher you only need four things: a venue, the right bands, aggressive promotion, and a good team of people to run the show.

All these things are made easier by networking in your scene and attending shows to get a feel for the other people attending and maintain a list of bands that are available and in your vicinity.

So why are house shows so important? They are the most direct way to get involved in your music/art scene! You get to meet people who have been involved and learn about the opportunities it has to offer for you so that you can help maintain it. Being an active member of a scene is give and take. Throwing a house show and attending them is a great way to introduce someone new and to enjoy yourself in your city.