Atlanta’s snow freakout

Illustration by Evan Koenigs | The Signal

The recent snowfall in Atlanta has proved one thing. Many people living here did not know how to deal with it. 

People raided any store they could get into just to stock up on food, power outage supplies, and much more because they feared the unknown during this time. 

Due to Atlanta being part of the south, we barely experience snow during the winter months. If anything, we only get one snow day a year, but we do not even get that most of the time.

If the stores were not chaotic enough, the roads were also experiencing traffic. As if the highways in Atlanta were not chaotic enough, the snow made it ten times worse than it usually is during rush hour. 

So many Atlantan citizens feared being on the roads when it snowed, most likely because they did not know how to drive in the snow. Such an overreaction is typical since we barely experience snow in Atlanta. If it snows at all, the roads are at a slushed-state if it sticks.

 When the first weather report went out earlier last week, many Atlantan citizens went into a panic mode. People started rushing to stores to stock up on supplies like the end times. 

It became worse than it was during 2020 when quarantining first started. Many people in the grocery stores began raiding the meat and toilet paper aisles, taking as much stuff as possible because of their fear of the unknown.

Atlanta usually snows once a year, if it snows at all. Since we live in the south, it rarely snows. If anything, Atlanta does not snow, but things ice over during the colder winter months. 

Black ice is expected around this time of the year, usually when it just rained and the climate is below freezing. So, when it snows every once in a blue moon, people seem to freak out because of the occasion.

 People do not know they have to deal with snow because it is so rare for it to happen in Atlanta. Most people here do not even know how to drive because it usually never happens. 

It causes a lot of people to overreact over this occasion. When people overreact, they lose control of the situation.

With snow being so rare in Atlanta, everyone expects every snowfall to be the worst. They expect to lose power because of the strong winds and ice. 

But these things are to be expected under the circumstances.  No one knows what to expect, so they try to over-prepare because they do not control the situation. 

Even if it is overkill, as long as the people of Atlanta stay rational, it is not a bad idea to take safety measures.