Atlanta Streetcar begins operator training

Commuters and other residents of Atlanta began sharing the roads with the Atlanta Streetcar on Oct. 27, according to an Atlanta Streetcar release.

Streetcar operators will be trained to promote familiarity with routes and the handling of the vehicles along its 2.7 mile route. The tracks span from King Historical District to Centennial Olympic park, according to the release.

The fluctuating hours of training means commuters and Georgia State students will need to heed additional caution as the streetcar begins running, according to the release.

Atlanta Streetcar Communications Director Sharon Gavin said drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are encouraged to be alert as they make their way through downtown.

She also said the most important message is safety.

“Safety is everyone’s responsibility, not just the train operators. Everyone commuting in the Georgia State area should be alert of these new cars, and these 96,000 lb. machines can’t stop as quickly as a car can,” Gavin said.

Commuters can take steps to ensure safety by staying alert, keeping a safe distance from streetcars and not being near the car tracks. They are also advised to watch for oncoming cars, according to the release.

Training and testing is set to last between 60 and 90 days, according to the Atlanta Streetcar website.