Atlanta is never going to be the ‘New’ NYC

Photo by Andreas Kruck on Unsplash

Over the past years, the comparisons between Atlanta and New York City have only grown. Many people in Atlanta like to call it the ‘New’ New York City. However, comparing New York to Atlanta is like comparing apples to oranges. Atlanta has had a lot of construction over the past few years, but the constantly evolving skyscrapers are not why people compare Atlanta to New York. 

Atlanta and New York City are on two different levels, especially when we talk about the population differences, the area differences or career opportunity differences. For instance, the New York population is three and a half times larger than Atlanta. The vast population is due in part to the fact that New York is simply bigger than Atlanta. Many people live in New York City, and it has more room to support its massive population.

The various high-end shops, living quarters and activities in New York City often make it more appealing than its southern counterpart. 

When you want to do something in the arts as a career, you go to New York. Many people on Broadway choose to come to New York City because it is the heartland of American theater.

Atlanta is trying to be the ‘new’ New York City, but it does not have the same opportunities that New York City has. Atlanta has several art colleges, but options in Atlanta are limited compared to New York City. For the Broadway scene, this is especially true. 

In New York City, people can see the newest shows that have made waves on the internet. In Atlanta, we never get the latest Broadway shows here. It usually takes a few years for it to make its way into our Fox Theater. Furthermore, when it does, it is always costly. 

When a Broadway show comes to the Fox Theater, it always gets a massive amount of attention. The city will place advertisements for everyone, and people are excited to see these shows in person. People get so happy because we are delayed access to these shows.

Another reason Atlanta will never be the ‘new’ New York City is that there are more artistic career opportunities in New York City. When someone thinks of New York City, they might think of the various art colleges. 

Many people aim to go there because they believe they could get their next big break if they move there. Atlanta does not offer the same types of opportunities.

New York City and Atlanta have too many significant differences. Though Atlanta is trying to be the “New NYC,” it simply can not top the appeal of living in the Big Apple. Atlanta should stop trying to be something it is not.