Athen’s Georgia Country Shoegazers, The Pink Stones

Up and coming band from Athens performing live during one of their local shows | Photo submitted by The Pink Stones

Floating through the air of Athens, Georgia, there is a sound as old as time. The classic singer-songwriter style that has always pulsed through the trends of modern music thrives in Athens. It puts the emphasis on songwriting and personal experiences, coming through the lense of the artist. A shining example of that is The Pink Stones.

The Pink Stones range from stripped down intimate acoustic sets to an all out country orchestra complete with keys, violin, and high flying guitar leads. What remains is the mellowed out songs that bandleader Hunter Pinkston produces.

While the Pink Stones gear up for some new music, The Signal caught up with Hunter to talk about the future and his influences.

Hunter, what are you up to?

Just got back home from dinner with a friend!

So the Pink Stones has been keeping you busy?

Extra busy lately!! Workin’ on finishing up some songs for a record, gonna put out another demo tape soon, and have been playing out quite a bit lately!

That’s good to hear, for those who don’t know the band, could you introduce the members and give a general idea of what it sounds like?

Sure! I sing and play guitar. Lately, I’ve had Will from the band Sephine playing keys, my bud Logan playing guitar (sometimes drums), Annie playing some violin, Jack from Telemarket on drums, and Mason on bass. Sometimes my bud Adam, who plays in Telemarket and co-owns Avenue Noise and Sound with me, will play some bassy. It’s pretty much me writing some songs and calling in friends to help make it happen live.

The music is hard to describe for me sometimes. Some people call it country, we got called dream-rock in the Flagpole a few weeks ago. Logan sometimes says cosmic country[.] It’s basically my love for folk stuff like (Bob) Dylan mixed with my love for rock and psych stuff, as well as shoegaze. Definitely some country influence in there too, but I think people hear it more in my voice.

Are you leaning towards the country influence nowadays or the shoegaze influence?

100% country. I love shoegaze but I think that the songs are country rock songs with a lot of gazey and pysch atmosphere.
Real dreamy and gazey, but songwriting wise they are on the folky country side for sure

I’ve heard the term “moogaze” thrown around as well! My personal favorite.

Oh yeah! Me and Mase came up with that one! I think it fits pretty well
“Moogaze” for sure!

And for your songwriting, lyric wise, where do you pull from?

Personal experience. So far it’s been a lot of sappy love songs. I just feel strongly about that stuff so it’s easy to write about. I take influence from people like Neil Young and Dylan. I like to keep it simple but poetic if I can.

But my influences span heavily with songwriting I’d say.

Pink Stones is an Athens band, a place known for its musical history as well as its college lifestyle, how has being in Athens helped or hindered you guys?

At this point, it has only helped. I moved here for school two years and have been doing Stones for almost a year now. I studied Music Business at UGA and that opened a lot of doors. Met a lot of extremely helpful people, shout Kindercore Vinyl, Arrowhawk Records and Nuci’s Space. It’s also so easy to gig and meet other players here, we all play together often, and spend time together often. I’ve had classes with everyone in the band and although I’m so tired of school, it helped me find most of my band! I also play / played in a number of hardcore bands in Atlanta and the connections that I made in that scene have helped me huge time.

Speaking of Atlanta, you have a show coming up with Seattle’s SUPERCRUSH, give some details on that.

Yeah! Supercrush, a band that I have followed for some years now is finally touring and coming to Atlanta. My bud Keb asked us to play and I said yes immediately. His band Bad Moods is also playing as well as other locals Harmacy. Big Bite, Pop Wig rockers, are also playing! I’m super pumped to play in the city again and get to see Supercrush no doubt. We’re gonna play some new songs with a small band! Should be good. June 17 I think!

That’s sounds right! At The Bakery!

Yes, Atlanta’s newest badass venue!

Agreed. What’s next for Pink Stones? You mentioned a new album, any plans for touring or any other big news you’d like to share?

Working on the first record. I’ve got about 10 songs and I’m not quite done! Might do some shows at the end of summer and probably a little tour in December! New demo tape soon coming out on Real Power Records!

Just saw Drowning Lessons play mad new songs and they were great! Can’t wait to hear em again.