Astrology and star signs are meaningless

Illustration by Evan Stamps | The Signal

Many believe they can obtain divine information through unconventional methods, such as psychics, palm readings or even fortune cookies. Divination or seeking knowledge supernaturally has been used throughout history in virtually every region and culture. 

Of course, divination today isn’t necromancy or tarot card reading; instead, astrology is used to validate superstitions.

Astrology, the study of the movement of celestial objects to predict events, is unusually common among millennials. To them, a birth date can predict the future and determine one’s personality.

I can’t comprehend how they form these exact conclusions, but numerous people accept this speculation as truth. In fact, people frequently base their social life on zodiac sign compatibility. Despite its popularity, astrology is defective, and it’d be more efficient to use logic. 

I’ve encountered some individuals who feel that astrology influences their lives. They depend on the zodiac to make decisions rather than think independently, but they don’t realize that this method is unreliable.

Astrology is fundamentally flawed because it fails to take into account basic astronomical phenomena. If you were somehow offended by this fact, you should seriously reconsider how a particular constellation impacts your life. Discovering that you’re a Cancer instead of a Leo does not alter your identity.

Astrologists believe that everyone has distinct personality traits determined by their zodiac sign.

For example, the so-called water signs — Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces — are all allegedly “ultra-sensitive.” But there is no logic behind zodiac signs affecting one’s personality, and it’s unfair to assume that these signs are oversensitive, especially since it’s impossible to identify human characteristics through birth date alone.

Personality is more complex than horoscopes and consists of at least three components: the id, the ego and the superego. The ego and superego, both learned from our guardians or the environment, become noticeable in childhood. These elements develop from the id, the human instinct to satisfy needs and desires.

Astrologists are convinced that astrology is a valid science. People assume that predictions based on the movements of objects in space would be supported by scientific evidence, but that’s false. Astrology is nothing but a shared delusion.

It’s irrational to depend on a superstition that lacks substantial evidence. Believers may cite the one time a horoscope was spot on or their Gemini friend with the corresponding traits, but these are coincidences.

According to the journal Psychological Reports, the “majority of studies conducted do not confirm astrological claims.” Although some scientific studies have suggested astrology can predict some human traits, the results are often insignificant. The validity of astrology cannot be proven; therefore, it should not be trusted.

Too many adults blindly trust the zodiac despite confirmation of its worthlessness. Unlike astrology, problem-solving skills are useful for making the right choices. Instead of relying on a constellation for answers, try analyzing the situation to make the appropriate decisions. Rather than basing your identity on your zodiac sign, be your own person.

Astrology is meaningless and no one should acknowledge it over rationality.