Armed robberies continue to plague Georgia State

A noticeable spike in armed robberies has taken place on Georgia State’s campus over the past few weeks. Most recently, an armed robbery in the Lanier Parking Lot on J.W. Dobbs Avenue, across from the Georgia State University Commons has students shaken up.

On November 29 around 6:30 in the evening, Joseph Webb got in the car of the suspect who had offered him a ride home after they had hung out together, according to the Georgia State Police report on the incident. The suspect asked Webb where he lived and then proceeded to tell Webb that he did not live far from there and could drive him home.

The pair went to the suspect’s car in the Lanier Parking Lot and when Webb got in the car, took out is phone to check his email. Almost instantaneously, Webb felt a black, semi-automatic handgun pressed to his temple.

The suspect consequently advised Webb to leave his cell phone and his wallet on the seat and to get out of the car. When Webb got out of the car, the black Toyota sped away, turning toward I-75 and disappeared.

The suspect was described as a 21-year-old black male who goes by the nickname “C.” Webb also described him as 5’8’’ in height, 160 lbs. with clean cut facial hair, a red jacket, dark blue jeans, and wearing red and black Air-Jordan’s. The car was said to possibly have an Illinois state license plate.

Deputy Chief Mullis, from the Georgia State Police Investigations, stated that there are no further leads for the recent robbery, but that the investigation is continuing.

On whether the recent robberies that have taken place the past several weeks are connected, Mullis stated, “Some of the descriptions have been similar, some of the circumstances have been similar, some of them have been different. That’s one of the things we’re following up on.”

Previous armed robberies the past few weeks consisted of groups of men, with one of the men being described similarly to the suspect from the Lanier Parking Lot. All of the suspects in the string of robberies are described within being closely the same height and weight, same race and going after victims’ cell phones and using a firearm to threaten the victim. There were three robberies alone in the month of November where the robbers stole the victims’ cell phones. All of them were in close proximity to Piedmont Avenue.

One of the reasons for concern in this most recent armed robbery is because Webb stated that he was waiting for the suspect’s class to end at Aderhold Learning Center. This would insinuate that the suspect was a student, and therefore is possibly on campus lingering among the students and teachers of Georgia State.

Deputy Chief Mullis could not confirm if the suspect is a GSU student or not, but that they are working with their leads to try and come up with an answer.

Mullis stated that, as always in times of increased crime, the GSU police department will “increase our patrol, [and] keep our eyes out” until the recent spike in robberies has subsided.

Mullis wanted all GSU students and teachers to remember that escort services are available to any student, teacher, or faculty member of Georgia State University if needed to get across campus and feels the need for further safety.