F—: Sagittarius can hang for a while, but they’re more fun-loving than you would like. Their firecracker personality is sure to keep some heat between you.


M: The only person who can handle you is another Aries! You’re both cut from the same cloth, so competition is practically in your blood. No one can outdo you like another Aries.


K: Absolutely avoid everyone else but especially Virgo. They’re only going to bring you down. They notice every minute flaw about you and have no problems saying it all to your face. 


Aries is ruled by Mars, so the impulse to battle and win is just a part of their nature. The trick is to find something that satisfies you both with team work, so escape rooms, treasure hunts, “Call of Duty” —  anything that forces you to rely on each other.


Do not pit yourself against them under any circumstance. You’ll never hear the end of it and from that point forward, they will find ways to outdo you every day. Not worth it.