F—: You’re electric but Libra loves it. They’re the yin to your yang, and when you’re feeling lost in the clouds, they’ll bring you back down to Earth. A cosmic twin, if you will.


M: If anyone can throw a net over you, it’ll be a Gemini. They want to be challenged and stimulated mentally just like you!


K: Their standards of perfection are sky high and self-imposed. Virgos can’t live with Aquarians but  can definitely live without them.


The brain of the zodiac. Stimulate both their imagination and their intellect. They’re full of spontaneous ideas, but they would also love it if someone else planned something for a change.


A day at the planetarium would change the pace. They love space! Book shopping, museum touring — anything you would find in a book titled “Dating for Nerds” will make this brainiac happy.