GSUPD says last night’s shooter still anonymous, today’s robbery a made-up story

One12 Courtland Apartments Signal Archives

Last night, a student was shot in the arm during a home invasion around 5 p.m., in the off-campus apartments of One12.

On Feb. 7, Georgia State’s official twitter account tweeted the suspect of last night’s invasion was in custody, but a later tweet said the Atlanta Police Department (APD) was looking for a suspect who left the scene, in partnership with the Georgia State Police University Department (GSUPD).

GSUPD Chief Joseph Spillane told The Signal the suspect APD detained was not involved, and both teams are still searching for the shooter.

“The first person detained by APD was in handcuffs when GSUPD arrived,” he said. “It was determined after interviews that the male was not involved in the robbery but heard the shots.”

In the Campus Broadcast email sent to the student body, the suspect was described as a 6-ft “light skinned black male” with “medium length dreads”. The suspect shot the student while he was visiting a friend who lived in the building.

AJC reported that the student was 20 years old, was shot in the arm, but that, according to an APD spokeswoman, was “alert, conscious and breathing” when he was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. According to a university spokeswoman, the Georgia State Dean of Students went and visited the student last night, and it’s confirmed he’s in stable condition and doing well. 

This morning, a female student reported of being robbed in a stairwell of One12 while walking to her room from her car, but according to GSUPD  the student recanted her story and said she made it up.

Spillane said that even though the complex is private and thus not under the jurisdiction of GSUPD, he is still concerned about “a lack of security on the property” and will be meeting with APD to discuss their concerns and set up a review with One12 management.

“The complex rents to students and non-students alike, so anyone can walk in there or bring visitors,” he said.

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