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Anchorman 2 filming closes part of Peachtree St. and Park Place

At least one lane on Peachtree Street and Park Place will be blocked off until next week for filming of “Anchorman 2,” which started shooting at approximately five a.m. today at Woodruff Park, according to Atlanta Police.

Officers and film crews patrol the corners and side streets, advising students to take Decatur St. around to Aderhold for finals.

At least two actors, Paul Rudd and David Koechner, were confirmed on set Monday, though local business owners said that other stars like Will Ferrell have been seen around Woodruff Park.

Students have said the “awe factor” of the filming is rewarding, especially for those who have already taken their last exams, but others said filming may be inconveniencing students still trying to finish their tests.

“Filming today is causing a distraction and taking up space,” graduating senior Saima Masud said. “There should have been better communication between the campus and the students.”

Although she had already finished her last final today, she added that students were stopping and sneaking pictures of their favorite actors on set instead of studying. She warned that filming might be distracting other students from studying for their tests.

Standing next to bright yellow 1970s New York taxi cabs, safety crews told students to keep their distance, so as to not walk into a shot, and to not take any pictures.

“I’m a huge fan,” Masud said. “The fact that I actually saw [the crew] at Woodruff Park makes it known to people that Atlanta is happening.”

Wake Forest University

On her way to an English final, senior Nicole Hannel was not allowed to go through Edgewood Ave. to take her test and was instead rerouted to Decatur St.

“I just want to take my final,” senior Nicole Hannel said after a police officer pointed her towards Decatur St. “Good thing I’m early.”

Although finals end today, officers say filming will continue throughout the rest of the week.