America Ferrera’s arrives from New York to inspire GA State

Driving all the way from New York City by herself, America Ferrera spoke to Georgia State students about her career, dreams and shared inspiring stories.

Students who attended the event had their eyes glued on Ferrera. For once, the phones were put aside and all attention was focused on the speaker.

Speaking in front of people has never been an issue with Ferrera. In fact, it is something that she was always enjoyed doing.

“I’ve always loved speaking. I still call them my peers and that won’t stop. I really enjoy speaking to young people particularly people in universities because they are in a time in their life where they are so many opportunities available to them,” Ferrera said, “I find it easier to relate to college kids then people my own age.”

Students were amazed how real Ferrera was as she spoke and told her stories.

“I thought it was a really good and inspiring story. I’ve seen her on TV, but I like the speaker’s series because you can connect to them personally,” student, Miranda Whittington said.

College is a time where most college students try to find their selves. At least this is what Ferrera believes.

“When I was in college it was a struggle to really figure out who I was and what I wanted to do in the world and I was limited in myself in ways. I hope that in sharing my story, in some way it is inspiring to young people to kind of question in their own life,” Ferrera said.

At this Speakers Series students lined up and asked Ferrera whatever question they wished. Most of them thanked her for sharing her story and admitted they could relate and they shared their story.

“I enjoyed the question and answer part because it seemed like you got more of her personality because it was randomly asked questions and it wasn’t planned. She had a lot of character,” said student, Chanderese Daniels.

Although Ferrera as played several different roles in her career the longest was Ugly Betty, for four years straight. This character is one of Ferrera’s favorite because as she was growing, so was Betty.

“I really really fell in love with my character and grew up kind of in her skin. I was 21 when I started and 26 when I finished. That’s a period of life where you really grow and change as a person, so I really felt like I grew up with Betty. I feel like she’s special to me.”

Ferrera encouraged the audience to follow their dreams, just like she did. It was because she was her only support that she had to believe in herself. She did not give up under any circumstances and fully believes that anything is possible. That is what she wanted the audience to take from her speech that you can make a difference and anything is possible.