Alumni-children are favored at Ivy League Colleges

America’s ivy league colleges are facing growing calls to end their oldest tradition of giving an admission boost to those children of the alumni. Photo by billperry on

Everyone has heard about the Ivy League colleges of America. These colleges have the reputation of accepting our country’s leaders: James Madison, John Quincy Adams, William Henry Harrison, and many more of our presidents went to these types of schools. 

However, did you know these schools have an old tradition of accepting more alumni-children into these types of colleges?

These colleges have a habit of boosting the acceptance rates to those whose parents are alumni of one of these Ivy League colleges. Today this tradition is receiving backlash. 

Various students at one of these schools are calling out the unfairness of the admission boost to alumni parents.

Racial injustice initially fueled this tradition. In the past, people at these schools did not want other people to look different from the majority of the American population. So, colleges made this tradition to control the demographics of these colleges. 

This boost allowed  schools  to control their preferences on who gets the honor of being accepted into this college. They wanted more people to look the same as their primary demographic, and they would boost the chances of the children of the alumni over the non-alumni children.

This tradition should not even exist anymore because it does not give the non-alumni children a chance of getting a better future. These colleges are known to be the best of the best. Whoever gets accepted to these colleges are future lawyers, business owners, and even political figures.

Colleges want a similar demographic, and that demographic  does not give these non-alumni children the same shot as the alumni-children.

Not everyone has the privilege to go to college. Some people could come from a family who did not go to college. 

Some people could be the first in their families to get into college. This tradition makes it harder for those to get into these types of schools just because their parents did not go to college in general, and that is not fair to those who want to better themselves and get an education.

With this tradition, colleges pick and choose who gets the honor of getting accepted based on their appearance. 

Appearance is everything when you are attending these schools, and holding onto this old tradition, makes it so the college could still control who gets accepted into these colleges.

What happens if the non-alumni child works harder than the alumni-child to get accepted into one of these schools? There is always someone who works harder than the other person, and because of this tradition, the alumni-child could see this boost could mean they do not have to work as hard to get in.

This tradition is horrible for those who desperately want acceptance into these schools because of the prestige these Ivy League schools have. 

It is unfair for those who get a boost in getting accepted. It is unfair for those who work harder to get in and do not have the same privilege as the alumni children.

Giving a boost to alumni-children at these schools is not a good thing. It is based on wanting the same demographic of people to get accepted. It does not give those who wish to better themselves by getting an education.