Album review: 21

Three years after her first studio album, Grammy-winning artist Adele’s sophomore work, 21, has finally arrived. The 10-track album boasts a mixture of ballads and upbeat tempos with the flowing, harmonic vocals of the British singer at the forefront crooning about heartbreak, rebounds and other love-related themes.

This album shows a more mature Adele compared to her first. Adele sings about issues that she is dealing with and wants her audience to listen to them. She’s very emotional throughout this album and pours them into her music. 

 “He Won’t Go,” an R&B-style track, tells the story of heartbreak. She believes that she loves him and there is nothing more powerful than that: “But I won’t go / I can’t do it on my own / If this ain’t love, then what is?” The chorus of the song begins with her discussing her thoughts of leaving him, however; she tells us he will feel the same way.

On “Someone Like You” Adele tells her former flame that she is happy with whom his new partner and to fill the void of her heartbreak, she will find someone that makes her as happy as he did.

“One and Only” is a relatable ballad where Adele expresses nervousness about being with a new person, despite believing that she is his perfect match.

Adele’s 21could serve as the catharsis during a breakup or other romantic misfires. Her soulful voice puts power into these songs to make you feel that you are dealing with the same situation.