As prodigal as it is economical, “Space Jam: A New Legacy” seems to remark a child-like appeal, attracting no real adult audience in its conquest to reimagine classic cartoon characters . This reboot of the beloved original film stars LeBron James as a basketball player fighting to save his son from a heinous artificial intelligence. 


The supporting cast includes Zendaya, Don Cheadle, and Sonequa Martin-Green. If only the film’s cast members could make up for its mindless storytelling. “Space Jam: A New Legacy” genuinely felt like a forced, artificial experience with no plot or side characters interesting enough to follow. Nonetheless, it does touch on a few oppositions the original movie made, adding a modern take on pop culture references and character allure.


Zendaya was cast as Lola Bunny, a traditionally hyper-sexualized character created to attract the male gaze during a time where female objectivity was more common in film. One would assume with Zendaya behind the voice of the iconic character, a carnal nature would once again assume the role, as Zendaya has become engrossingly admired within the public eye. Ironically, the character was pleasantly taken in a different direction, adding new depth and style to Lola Bunny’s presence. A characterization we have Zendaya to thank for as she continues to pioneer change within the industry.


Aside from the film’s lack of direction, new advances within cinema have truly garnered “Space Jam: A New Legacy” a visually dazzling landscape that is far superior to the original. The new animation techniques used were the only engaging aspect of the film, seamlessly blending real-world imaging with animated figures. 


A comparison game is bound to become the center of controversy for the new film. however, it becomes heavily warranted when a reboot or remake is at hand. Visuals, a given prowess the new film achieves with time, is its upper hand advantage. The original also fell short of a well-paced plot, allowing the reboot to establish itself a bit more.


There seems to be a battle between audience connectivity as adults seek the 90s nostalgia and children gape over freshly delivered cartoon foolery. The question resides within the location of the true viewership of the film. In an effort to merge pop culture references with beloved cartoon characters, the movie centralizes children as the target audience. Complexity alienating any adult material worthy of a fully realized audience range. 


Instead of recreating the magic of the original “Space Jam”, “Space Jam: A New Legacy” subsides as a marketing tactic for Warner Bros, plagued by a lack of trajectory and a holistic target audience.