The APD aims to have eyes everywhere

February 1, 2022 Tara Woodin 0

Atlanta Police Department asks citizens, businesses to join security camera network Atlanta is struggling with an over 50% spike in crimes since the beginning of the pandemic, due to the pandemic’s strain on at-risk populations. […]

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Top news stories of the week

February 1, 2022 Adam Duffy 0

The U.S. economy is about to burst: When someone says there is an economic “bubble,” it means there is an overinflation of value in a specific sector of the economy. The stock market has seen […]

Arts & Living

What’s the deal with NFTs?

February 1, 2022 Cole Podany 0

Twenty years ago, art collectors may have scoffed at the idea of buying an art piece that they could never touch, see or experience in person. Many blockchain enthusiasts and artists believe the rising popularity […]

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