Baristas at the ballot box

February 8, 2022 Adam Duffy 0

The nation is currently facing its most significant labor movement in almost a century. The people who pour your coffee and misspell your names on cups are at the forefront of this movement. Starbucks locations […]


Corporate price gouging goes unchecked

February 8, 2022 Adam Duffy 0

Ever since the partial reopening of the global economy in the middle of 2021, American consumers have been facing high inflation of prices in multiple sectors.  At that time, a reactivation of crumbling infrastructure, mixed […]


Why you should look up

February 1, 2022 Callie McNorton 0

This article contains spoilers for Netflix’s Don’t Look Up  Adam McKay, widely known for his direction in The Big Short, Anchorman and Step Brothers, tackled a Netflix satirical comedy released on Dec.5th. While it has […]


Atlanta’s snow freakout

February 1, 2022 Gabby Miller 0

The recent snowfall in Atlanta has proved one thing. Many people living here did not know how to deal with it.  People raided any store they could get into just to stock up on food, […]

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