Local Government

House reps HOPE to hike GPAs

February 18, 2016 Sean Keenan 1

Half a dozen Republican Georgia House reps are pushing legislation this session to boost students’ GPAs. The proposed hike in grades from House Bill 801 (HB 801), however, would only be applied to STEM courses, […]


Problematic Internet Use

February 17, 2016 Charles Bailey 0

Alexis Campbell, Georgia State English major, uses the internet for school for about 10 hours a week. She texts her best friend throughout the day, does her homework online and used to seek shelter online […]


GSU-62 offers free tuition

February 17, 2016 Christina Maxouris 1

Times have changed, and the new fad of retirement is no longer a beach-front apartment in Florida. It’s morning classes, over-sized book-bags, and overpriced textbooks…all over again. But this time, it’s free. The University System […]

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