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Rock of ages come to ATL

February 26, 2013 Mahad Mousse 0

At first glance, one could be forgiven for mistaking the odd marquee proudly proclaiming “ATL Rock of Ages,” in front of The Five Spot for the gaudy Broadway musical. While both shows feature a loose […]

Arts & Living

Reconstructing rap culture

February 26, 2013 Johnny Avery Gipson 1

An excited buzz fills the air as a swarm of apprehensive students enter a room in the University Center. A slight tension  can be felt as a disc jockey warms up on stage, scratching a vinyl record while several […]


Preparing for the real world

February 26, 2013 Ashia Gallo 0

Unemployment spikes for millennials, young adults between the ages of 18 and 29, have caused Georgia State students to get more serious about their futures.

Arts & Living

‘Oh, I got time for that’

February 26, 2013 Raven Schley 0

Watching Youtube videos is probably one of my favorite things to do whenever I’m not studying for a test, doing homework or hanging out with friends. It is honestly one of the best inventions ever because It has […]

Campus News

Pose for the camera

February 22, 2013 Asia Thomas 0

Members of The Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity, Georgia State’s LGBTQ organization, posed in the University Center on Friday evening for a photo shoot to promote their upcoming events, such as this semester’s Drag […]


New SGA senators elected

February 22, 2013 Dominique Moses 0

Yesterday evening Georgia State’s Student Government Association appointed two new Senators: freshman Kelli Craig and sophomore Justin Brightharp. “It’s exciting,” Brightharp said, “but there’s always this anxiety from being new. There’s still so much that […]

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