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10/29 Blotter: Guns, weed and 123 grams of meth

Creatively compiled by Signal resident crime reporter Daniel Camacho, the following stories are based on real police reports obtained over the past week.


Major Drugs & Weapons Bust on Piedmont

URGE Abortion

PIEDMONT AVE – After detecting strong odor of burning marijuana coming from a vehicle on Decatur street, were able to pull the driver over after failing to stop at a traffic signal. But what was expected to be a traffic ticket and a potential drug-related misdemeanor happened to become much more. Officers found not only the marijuana cigarette that the driver was smoking, but also an addition 44.8 ounces of weed, approximately 123 grams of methamphetamine, a folding knife, $1240 in cash, and a loaded 9 mm Springfield XD firearm with a full 15 round loaded magazine in the glove compartment. The driver was cited for several charges and later transported to Fulton County Jail without incident.


Caution: Post Break-Up Texts

STUDENT REC CENTER – A female student called Georgia State officers after receiving threatening texts from her ex-boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend wanted to continue having a sexual affair post break-up, and when she refused he continued to send explicit texts requesting sexual favors. The texts got even weirder and more concerning as the male threatened to post pictures of the couple in sexual situations on social media sites if she continued to turn him down. The messages have been retained for further investigation.


Robinson Test Prep Academy

Theft! Betrayal! Basketball!

While competing in a game of basketball, a Georgia State student gave his cell phone to his friend while he was playing. After the game was done, the student’s friend and phone were nowhere to be found. After making several attempts to retrieve the phone, it was soon reported stolen. Police are currently handling the investigation.

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