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10/22 Blotter: Bathroom bathing, the deceptive duo and a domestic in the Commons

Creatively compiled by Signal resident crime reporter Daniel Camacho, the following stories are based on real police reports obtained over the past week.



URGE Abortion

Wanted and stinky

CLASSROOM SOUTH – Something weird and suspicious was happening in the women’s restroom. Turns out, a grown woman was found bathing in the sink. To make things even more bizarre, the woman had a warrant for her arrest set out for her from Dekalb County and she was promptly taken into custody. On the bright side for her, jail showers might prove to be a little more effective.



“Hey, can I have your…money?”

Wake Forest University

KIMBALL WAY – So a couple of guys were nice enough (i.e creepy) to walk with some random girl for a couple of blocks. So did they think she was hot and want her number? Maybe, but for now they settled with taking her money, as she realized after they had departed that money had indeed been taken from her purse. The police are handling the investigation.



Where am I, again?

PARK PLACE – Was that some frat guy looking for a party? Maybe it was another student looking for a way to “turn up.” Never mind, it was just some random drunk guy sitting on the floor of the lobby. Sounds completely harmless, right? It turns out the guy became “verbally abusive” to the officers who tried to escort him out and he was subsequently sent to Atlanta County Jail. No word on the legal consequences he’ll be facing, but being hung-over in a jail cell is probably a good start.



And the first rule of GSU Fight Club is…

UNIVERSITY COMMONS – A fight broke out between an arguing couple at the Commons, meaning yes, it was between a guy and his girlfriend (but maybe he’ll call her something else now). The fight led to an arrest, a CTW, a copy of charges issued, minor injuries and a pending contact to have “Real Fights of ATL” become a reality show. You be the judge and decide which of those didn’t actually happen.

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