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Weekly News Briefs: Oct. 17


BeltLine strikes new $80 million deal

Atlanta BeltLine officials have struck an agreement with North American Properties and Vantage Realty Partners on an $80 million mixed-use project along the trail. The project includes 350 apartment units along with retail and office space. The agreement guarantees that despite the advancements, the BeltLine would still preserve possible transit options for the future. Activists protested about the deal last week, worrying that the plan would eliminate transit possibilities along the Eastside trail. North American and Vantage’s project will be presented to the Inmark Park Neighborhood Association on Oct. 19 and is set to start construction in early 2017, according to WABE.


“Clown Lives Matter” movement faces backlash on social media

Police departments across the nation are “pleading” , according to The Guardian, people to stop dressing up as evil clowns to scare crowds. And after protests through social media, a “Clown Lives Matter” march scheduled for Saturday was shut down. The rally, organized by Nikki Sinn, was cancelled after social media attacks against her, and she said she was “amused” by the reactions. However, professional clowns have denounced the movement, saying their careers may be affected. Dick Milhollan, last director of the former Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, said his “livelihood could be affected” by the clown impersonators who are scaring people.


Thailand in mourning after death of 70-year long monarch

After the death of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, soldiers shut down Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy red-light district dance clubs as an act of respect towards the monarch. According to the country’s prime minister, the country will be in mourning for a year, and flags will be at half-staff for 30 days. The minister also said citizens should avoid “joyful events” during that time period as well. According to the Washington Post, a lot of diners and dance clubs have since remained closed and a lot of workers are worried this may damage the country’s tourism revenue.

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