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Weekly News Briefs: Nov. 6


DeKalb Commissioner guilty of sexual harassment
Last week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that investigations had found DeKalb County Commissioner Greg Adams guilty of sexually harassing his district director, Ashlee Wright. Adams sent Wright late-night texts asking her to pose in a bikini and call him “big daddy,” also inviting himself to her room during a government conference, at around 3 a.m. Investigators have recommended sexual harassment training for the public official, but Wright’s layer is also helping her seek $750,000.


Prominent donor campaigns against Trump
Billionaire, environmental activist and prominent Democrat donor Tom Steyer is urging elected officials to begin the process of removing Donald Trump from office. According to The Guardian, Steyer has launched an eight-figure campaign to convince lawmakers across the country to impeach the president, and has also said it is not unlikely that he will run for office himself in 2018.


Princes, government officials arrested in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia arrested members of the royal family, cabinet members and former family officials, according to The Washington Post. The move came as an effort to consolidate the kingdom, and eliminate critics and rivals of the country’s prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is expecting the throne from his father. In total, the 11 princes and government officials were ordered to be arrested by the prince, who had just been appointed by his father as head of a new anti-corruption committee.

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