Weekly News Briefs: Nov. 28


Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Anti-masking bill withdrawn

After facing a backlash of political scrutiny, Republican State Rep. Jason Spencer withdrew his legislation against face covers. The would-have-been House Bill 3 (HB 3) called for a change in “certain provisions relating to wearing a mask, hood, or device which conceals the identity of the wearer”. Spencer said he was planning to add the pronoun “she”  to the law, which according to WABE, was initially written to target members of the Ku Klux Klan. But the bill created concern among the state’s Muslim community, causing both Democrats and Republicans to speak out against it and declare they won’t be supporting it come legislative season.


Trump’s appointments to affect NSA

A potential change to the National Security’ structure could give the new president-elect, Donald Trump, more power over the United States intelligence agencies, according to The Guardian. The National Security Agency’s (NSA) director Michael Rogers said he thought the outcome was had a lot to do with “ nation-states’” efforts to influence the electoral outcome, as well as the FBI director’s last-minute announcements. With all of Trump’s new head appointments, Rogers might be removed from his position as officials are considering splitting the NSA from its military command team, US Cyber Command (Cybercom), which deals with cyber security and attacks. The decision will come depending on the new Commander-in-Chief’s leadership appointments, but government officials have already strongly urged against the separation of the two security giants.


Syrian Regime attack kills over 300

Aleppo was struck with airstrikes by the Syrian regime forces, for the sixth consecutive day on Sunday, Nov. 20. The death toll has risen to  more than 300 people in what rescuers called the most “ intense bombing” since the beginning of the five-year war, according to CNN. The strikes began Tuesday, after a three-week break from both sides, when the regime’s attacks killed over 289 people. Along with the Sunday bombings, the regime released a chemical attack in the neighborhood of al-Sakhour, killing four children and their parents.

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